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I have a passion for landscape photography.  Please come with my wife and me as we travel to scenic places, and explore both well visited popular locations and out of the way "gems".  As we're both over 60, many locations we visit require little to moderate effort to get to.  Let us guide you to them and tell you when's the best time to either capture a great photo yourself or just take in the beauty of God's world . 

About Craig

I first started my photography and travel back in 1978.  I saved up money and bought a Pentax K1000 for my first trip to Europe.  I was 18 and was studying conducting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria that summer.  Equipped with a Eurail Youth Pass and a Cook's Train Timetable I traveled on the weekends and after the summer session was over.

I've always been involved in the arts.  Music, Architecture, and Photography.  I have a Master​s Degree in Orchestral Conducting from Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music - on anybody's top 10 list world's great music schools.  I did post graduate work at the Vienna Academy of Music.  I conducted professional for a number of years, including appearances with the Budapest Symphony, Milan Symphony, Hollywood Bowl, and Vienna Symphony Orchestra, among others.  

​For a few years one of my hobbies was astro photography, using a specially modified B&W video camera and a large 11 inch Celestron SCT.  I did extensive lunar imaging and had numerous photos published in Astronomy, Sky and Telescope magazines as well as other books and periodicals. I also presented lectures at a number of the larger "star" parties, in the USA .  

​I became more serious about Landscape Photography in the past few years, as I have had more "leisure" time to travel. With a substantial equipment upgrade over my, then current, 12mpx point and shoot Nikon. I started with the Sony A6000, moved to the full frame Sony A7, then A7R ii, and currently use the Sony A7r iii as my main camera. 

I have a Part 107 FAA Drone License and use drones for photography where conditions and regulations allow.  I use a DJI Air 2S now and have previously used a DJI Air and Air 2.

I also spend a fair amount of time in the digital darkroom and am continually striving to improve my skills.  I shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Light Room, Photoshop, Nik, Topaz DeNoise, Luminar as well as others to process my images.


While I do sell and license my photos directly too, most of the scenic images I sell are through various "stock" photo sites where my images have sold 1000's of times and are used by various businesses throughout the world.

Contact Me:

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